Every great superhero has a great origin story. Ok, so we’re not a superhero, but we’d like to think we have a pretty good story of how we came to be. 

It all started back in a backyard in Austin, Texas. While experimenting with different flavor combinations in pursuit of the perfect summer cocktail, founder Alex Garner experienced a true breakthrough moment.

What if there was a product out there that let people experience the freshness of a cocktail that was just mixed? People could have a freshly made drink when and where they wanted. And in available in one clever container!  

Alex knew that most of the ready made cocktails in stores were pre-mixed drinks that didn’t quite hit the mark of what a fresh cocktail experience should be. So he set out to create something better. After years of research and development, YUMIX has arrived!


YUMIX (pronounced as You Mix) is a new generation of adult beverage. We call it a “mix it fresh” experience. YUMIX pairs low calorie, naturally sweetened juice mixers with premium spirits.  The best part is you do the mixing — just pop the shot off the bottom, then pour into the top container. Mix and enjoy!

Keeping these two things separate until you’re ready to mix has real advantages. We don’t use artificial sweeteners, preservatives or excessive amounts of sugar. Enjoy all of the great things that come along with an adult beverage, but without the bad stuff!

Quality matters. Ever tasted a cocktail that was a day or two old? I don’t think so!  

We believe you should know exactly what’s inside your cocktail. A nutrition panel and ingredient listing are available on each YUMIX drink. Mix it fresh!