FEATURE: How a back porch idea became an innovative alcoholic product

charleston grit yumix cocktails.jpg

Alex Garner, the founder and CEO of YUMIX, was recently featured on Charleston, South Carolina - based website, Charleston Grit:

One afternoon, he was in his backyard pairing juices with spirits and thought that someone should create a cocktail product that isn’t premixed.

That someone turned out to be him.

He started researching the packaging options and learning about flavor houses while he was working at his full-time job. Developing new formulations and doing research is necessary, but in order to make this concept a reality, Garner needed to take a risk.

"I realized I needed to jump off that cliff and become a full-time entrepreneur," Garner said. "I had some money saved up. I had a great runway to live for six months to a year and find a way to commercialize a product."

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Alex Garner