RECIPE: Celebrate with Orange Mango jello shots

recipe orange mango jello shots

Grab the YUMIX and make it a celebration your party-goers will never forget. These jello shots, made with Orange Mango, are sure to delight! Must be 21+ to slurp.


  • 2 gelatin packets

  • 2 Orange Mango YUMIX bottles, with spirits bottoms twisted off

  • 8 oranges


Put the two spirits pods in the fridge to chill. Pour two YUMIX mixers into sauce pan. Heat on the stove top until liquid boils. While liquid is heating, cut oranges in half and hollow out the flesh. Remove juice from stove and pour both gelatin packets in. Stir. Remove two vodka pods from the fridge and stir into cooled juice and gelatin mixture. Pour liquid into orange peel halves. Put filled halves into the fridge for about two hours. When set, slice and serve!

Alex Garner