Yumix announces Walmart launch, distribution relationship with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Yumix “Mix-it-fresh” cocktails have officially launched at over 400 Walmart locations, across the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada and Washington. Yumix’s Chief Brand Officer, Lea Feghali says, “We were thrilled to be selected at Walmart’s 2018 Open Call event, and the launch this summer is the culmination of a year’s worth of preparation and hard work.”

Yumix CEO, Alex Garner says, “In addition to the Walmart relationship, we’reproud to announce a multi-state distribution agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. After receiving the golden ticket at Walmart, Yumix needed a national distribution network to execute upon the opportunity. The first place we went was Southern Glazer’s. The leadership at Southern Glazer’s has been outstanding to work with, and we look forward to growing this relationship aswe expand at Walmart and other retailers in 2020.”

Yumix (pronounced as you mix) is a new generation of adult beverage. A “mix it fresh” cocktail experience, Yumix pairs low calorie, naturally sweetened juicemixers with premium spirits. Instead of premixing, the consumer makes their own cocktail by popping the shot off the bottom, then pouring into the top container. Keeping a spirit separate from a juice mixer, until the time of consumption, has real advantages. Yumix is able to refrain from using artificialsweeteners, preservatives or excessive amounts of sugar.

Also, because the two ingredients are separate, a nutrition panel and ingredient listing are available on each drink. Feghali goes on to say “People should know exactly what’s in theircocktail, and Yumix gives them that option. Yumix is unique in the fact thatwe’re giving consumers control over the cocktail mixing process. The big payoff is a fresh, great tasting cocktail that goes anywhere.”

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