YUMIX welcomes Vice President of Sales

We've got some big news to share, friends! YUMIX has enlisted food & beverage industry sales veteran Keith Rodgers as its Vice President of Sales.

Rodgers has come a long way since his days preparing chili dogs - we sat down with the Ohio State Buckeye to learn a little more about the CPG sales guru (scroll down for the official hiring announcement).

Keith Rodgers YUMIX

Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like?

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio;  I have wonderful memories from my childhood. While we weren’t rich in terms of financial wealth, the love, encouragement and support provided by my father and mother provided a richness that is priceless. It was so much fun being from a big family. Although we had sibling rivalries, my older brothers and sisters always watched over me and taught me the importance of family.  

What was your first job?

My first job was working for Kings Island Amusement Park (north of Cincinnati) as a food service worker. I worked preparing and serving fast food items, including the infamous Cincinnati Chili Dogs.

Where'd you go to school?

I attended Cincinnati Public Schools, graduating from Woodward High School, home of the Woodward Bulldogs. After High School, I attended The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, graduating with BS degrees in Production and Operations, Transportation and Logistics, with a minor in Economics.

You have an extensive background in CPG - give us a summary of your experience.

I'm a passionate, dedicated and results oriented sales professional with an extensive background in business development, customer management, and revenue growth management. I've built high performance sales teams that consistently delivered financial targets across multiple Fortune 500 Companies, including The Miller Brewing Company/Phillip Morris Companies, The Pepsi-Cola Company and The Coca-Cola Company. My strengths include expertise in driving revenue, volume, profit and share growth. Finally, I’ve continued to build on a collection of skills acquired over the years, including collaborative business planning, value chain analysis, advanced negotiating and building value based business solutions across multiple retail channels in the Food & Beverage Industry.

You are now VP of sales for YUMIX - why are you excited about working with this product in particular?

YUMIX is a new, exciting and innovative product that will bring new life to the spirits category. It’s often said, spirits has been labeled as your “grandfather’s beverage”, however YUMIX seeks to bring new news into a mature category. With its cutting edge, patented two chamber delivery system, this product delivers a premium, high quality and refreshing adult beverage to consumers that desire fresh and natural ingredients, combined with convenience and portability. This products delivers on all these key attributes!

You have a connection to the man behind YUMIX - what's your background with Alex Garner and what's it like working with him again?

You know it’s funny how life’s circumstances can lead you down different paths, however, I actually hired Alex Garner as a Key Account Manager for the HEB Retailer when I was the general manager for the Coca-Cola sales center in Austin, Texas.  At that time, Alex was full of passion and innovative ideas for the business and as I look back, those innovative ideas were a precursor to his vision for YUMIX. It’s great to see how Alex and grown professional and personally. He’s passionate about YUMIX and his passion and enthusiasm for the brand is contagious! I’m excited to be a part of his team!

Where do you see YUMIX going in the next year? Five years?

I envision YUMIX increasing its product availability and the number of outlets selling YUMIX to over 3,000 locations during the next year. Within the next five years, I expect YUMIX to have distribution in all 50 states, across multiple retail business segments, including large store, small store and targeted On-Premise Food Service retailers

What's the WORST advice you've received through the years?

Keith and his two daughters at home in Richardson, Texas.

Keith and his two daughters at home in Richardson, Texas.

Never say “No”

And what's the BEST advice?

Focus on the “Work that Matters Most”!

What's YOUR advice to aspiring sales leaders?

Live with integrity – Keep your word and do what you say you’ll do!

Integrity is not what you appear to be when all eyes are on you.  It's who you are when no one is looking.  It's a level of morality below which you never fall, no matter what's happening around you.  It's a high standard of honesty, truthfulness, decency, and honor that is never breached.  It's doing for others the way you would want them to do for you.

A man of integrity says something and means it.  He will keep his word even if it costs him something to do so.  When placed in a possibly compromising situation, he will continue to stand strong in what he believes.  Above all, he is a man of truth; you can depend on his solid honesty.  A man "who walks with integrity walks securely" (Proverbs 10:9), because his integrity guides him and brings him into the presence of God (Psalm 41:12).  The Bible says, "The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him" (Proverbs 20:7)  His children will receive a heritage from their father's adherence to the principles of high moral integrity.  There are blessings they will enjoy because of the kind of man he is.

Keith and his wife, and their two daughters

Keith and his wife, and their two daughters

Integrity happens in the heart.  Therefore, being a man of God, is choosing to live a life of integrity.  Not just for yourself, but for your children.

Describe life outside of YUMIX - what else brings you joy?

God, family and helping others.

YUMIX welcomes Keith Rodgers to the team
Alex Garner